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CultureHISTORY: Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Olympics 1968

“We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country.” - Tommie Smith

On this date (10/16) in 1968, the ‘black power’ salute at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City. One of my favorite historical photos and one of the most powerful moments in black history. More background here.

Photo credits:

  1. Summer Olympics, Mexico City, 1968
  2. Summer Olympics, Mexico City, 1968
  3. San Jose State University honors former students Smith & Carlos with a statue on campus, 2005
  4. Smith and Carlos, 2011

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my-sugar-is-raw asked: Do you like Clybourne Park? We're doing it at my school right now and I saw the original production on Broadway, and I think it's really refreshing to see a contemporary play that doesn't try to give us an "answer" to anything, but is just trying to raise the questions.


You know, I read it and I thought it was really interesting. Made me think a lot.

Then I learned Bruce Norris is white and I thought, huh, that’s weird, why is this white dude writing a sequel to one of the great works by a WOC?

And then I read more interviews with him, and he comes off as a major toolbag.

So, it’s hard for me to separate the writer and the work at this point, unfortunately.

Reasons I love fuckyeahgreatplays. But also AHHHHHHHHHHHHH that schools are doing this play.  I can only hope they handle the tone correctly.  But count me skeptical.

I’d rather they just put on Raisin instead. It raises A LOT of questions and doesn’t give simple answers and is an incredibly vital text still. 

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The Flick by Annie Baker


For those who don’t already own it, The Flick is available on Amazon.

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Why Don’t People Read Plays for Fun Anymore?

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